Led Acrylic Sign “Return Props To Table” Multi Color


Description: Led Acrylic Sign “Return Prop to Table” Multi Color. 

Having a Multi Color Light is Eye Catching and Looks Vibrant. Push the Power on Button and the light will work its Eye Appealing Magic. We Personally use these at our PhotoBooth Events and we receive great comments every-time we use them. 

Features Of This Led Acrylic Sign.

4 light colors and fading light mode

USB powered or 3pcs AA batteries powered

Smart touch button to set light mode and turn on/off

Dimensions of sign – 5.90inch x 6.69 inch 4mm Acrylic

Included in your package:
4 Pieces of Acrylic that Stack together in the base to make your Multi Color Acrylic sign
1 LED Base with Slot for Acrylic Inserts
1 USB power cord


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